What to say...I wonder...?

Friday night was nothing special. We left home, and drove up to the DTC {no, the Denver Tech. Center}, after which we Checked into the hotel and the Convention itself.

The Dealer room opened at 6, along with the Model room, where I droped off my gravity gun for the Model contest. Coincidentally, the Anime Room was right next to the Model Room, so I went there and saw a portion of the anime "07 Ghost" which I'll be adding to my long list of anime to look up.

Then we went to the Meed and Greet. The stars all skiped our table, (Don't care, really), but I talked with a table full of Doctor Who fans. ^_^

Dad and I went to the anime room for "Gunslinger Girl" when the orchestra started, though.

That was it for friday. Leading into:

SATURDAY, Saturday, Saturday!

We went to SF Pannel 1 to watch "How to Build an R2D2", then hung around the anime room for a while. We then went to the "Trailer Park" In main events to watch some movie trailers, then after that, Christopher Judge came on stage.

After he finished, we went to dinner, then went down to main events for Summer Glau, (Who I didn't give my FanFic to In Person, Okaa-san did since it was bundled in with her stuff). You know, these Starfest people don't know how to arrange events. Durring Summer Glau's pannel, in the anime room, They were showing "Last Exile", another anime I'm going to look up, and in the Super Hero Room, they were showing two new Doctor Who Episodes. -_-;

Some how, the fire alarm went off durring the middle of Summer's Q&A session. Everyone evacuated from the Main Events room Calmly, orderly, and SLOWLY.

We stood outside for a good thirty minutes before they let us back in. No-one else had to leave the building, strangely enough. Summer's pannel continued on for the remaining time that it orignally had, only just giving us time to get to the "Star Wars: The Backstroke of the West" event.

Let me just say: Poorly translated subtitles {Is elephant even a VERB?!}, plus Mystery Science Theater commentary, Equals A room full of laughing people!

Look it up sometime!

Finially, SUNDAY: There wasn't a lot to do, as everyone was packing up and leaving.

We ended up sitting around waiting for things, even though we could have gone to see other things {like gone to the Anime room. Now I've got to look THOSE up now!}.

I picked up my gravity gun (SECOND PLACE! WHOOOO!), then went to the "Alternate History for Writers" Pannel in SF 2, which was rather interresting, then we listened to Marina Sirtis and Gary Lockwood talk before we came home.

That's it. Our Fabulous Starfest weekend.

Fun, right? I thought so.

Look up StarWars: Backstroke of the West with the commentary and subtitles!


You Will LAUGH.


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